In 2007 the club began to reorganise and restructure the concept of the development of young talent. Their aim was not just to better their sporting opportunities and to strengthen their cohesion and solidarity within the club, but also to invest in their future performances.

The Committee has continued to back this concept financially and has hired a professional Youth Co-ordinator in Vincent Kraus to manage and support the efforts of the Golf Pros, C-Trainers and volunteers, all of whom are committed to systematically developing the games of our junior members.

Regular Junior Training:

Of the 150 Junior members, 93 are taking an active part  in training this year. They are organised into a squad system consisting of 14 different groups which are sub-divided into three areas: basics, development and performance.

The basic aim of training is to obtain the "Course Proficiency Certificate" (Platzreife), and, having done so, to lower their personal playing handicaps.